Learn Igbo Language

Igbo Village Square brings you series of Igbo language lessons. The Igbo language lessons are in Igbo Izugbe; the Igbo taught in Nigerian schools, other dialects are introduced sparingly. We also post Igbo lessons on YouTube. Feel free to contact us with your questions, requests, suggestions and comments, using the YouTube comment section in any of our videos.

Please click on the links below to take our lessons

1. Igbo Language Alphabet

2. Spelling Rules in Igbo Language

3. Pronunciation in Igbo Language

4. Pseudo-Vowels (M and N) in Igbo Language

5. Vowel Harmony in Igbo Language

6. Vowel Assimilation and Elision in Igbo

7. Parts of Speech in Igbo Language

8. Numbers in Igbo Language

9. Punctuation Marks in Igbo Language

10.Tones in Igbo Language

11. Parts of the Human Body in Igbo Language

12. Members of the Family in Igbo Language

13. Questions and Interrogative Words

14. Definite and Indefinite Articles (a, an, the) in Igbo

15.Telling Time in Igbo Language🕓

16. Gender in Igbo Pronouns and Nouns

17. English to Igbo Translation

18. 'Ka' in Igbo Language

19. Igbo Grammar Terms