We will review Igbo literature and literature of Igbo. These include books and articles written in Igbo and books written in English about Igbo or books set in Igbo land.

An Igbo Revision CourseCarnochan, J., and Belonwu Iwuchukwu
A Dictionary of Igbo Names, Culture and ProverbsNjoku, John E. Egberebulam
The Igbos of Nigeria: Ancient Rites, Changes and SurvivalNjoku, John E. Egberebulam
Amanihe: A Revision Course in IgboObi, Goddy A. O
Ilu Igbo (The Book of Igbo Proverbs)Ogbalu, F. C.
School Certificate/G.C.E. IgboOgbalu, F. Chidozie
A Complete Course in Igbo GrammarOkonkwo, M. N.
Communicating With Quotes: The Igbo CasePenfield, Joyce
Anthropological Report on the Ibo-speaking Peoples of Nigeria, Part III, Proverbs, Narratives, Vocabularies and GrammarThomas, W. Northcote
Igbo-English/English-Igbo Dictionary & PhrasebookAwde, Nicholas & Onyekachi Wambu
Igbo-English DictionaryEcheruo, Michael J. C.
Igbo-English DictionaryIgwe, G. Egemba
Modern English-Igbo DictionaryNnaji, H. I.
Igbo: A Learner's DictionaryWelmers, Beatrice F. and William E. Welmers
Igbo-English DictionaryWilliamson, Kay
The Principles of IboAbraham, R. C.
Graded Igbo Course Book 1Alio, E.O.
A Comparative Wordlist of Five Igbo DialectsArmstrong, Robert G.
An Igbo Revision CourseCarnochan, J. , and Belonwu Iwuchuku
A Transformational Grammar of IgboCarrell, Patricia L.
Languages of Sub-Saharan Africa: A Survey of Materials for the Study of the Uncommonly Taught LanguagesCenter for Applied Linguistics
Twelve Nigerian LanguagesDunstan, Elizabeth
Elements of Modern Igbo GrammarEmenanjo, E. Nolue
Auxiliaries in Igbo Syntax: A Comparative StudyEmenanjo, E. Nolue
A Descriptive Grammar of IgboGreen, M. M., and G. E. Igwe
Introductory Igbo Language Course for Non-Igbo SpeakersGreen, M. M., and G. E. Igwe
Igbo Language Course: Book I: Igbo Language StudyIgwe, G. E., and M. M. Green
Igbo Language Course: Book II: Igbo Dialogues and StoriesIgwe, G. E., and M. M. Green
Igbo Language Course: Book III: Dialogues, Sayings, TranslationsIgwe, G. E , and M. M. Green
A Short Igbo GrammarIgwe, G. E , and M. M. Green
The Principles of the International Phonetic AssociationInternational Phonetic Association
"The Stops of Owerri Igbo." Studies in African Linguistics Supplement 6 Ladefoged, Peter
"How Igbo got from SOV Serializing to SVO." Compounding. Studies in African Linguistics Supplement 7 Lord, Carol
Towards an Igbo Literary StandardNwachukwu, P. Akujuoobi
Utoasusu Igbo Maka Junio SekondiriOfomata, Chinedum E
Utoasusu Igbo Maka Sinio SekondiriOfomata, Chinedum E
Igbo Language and Culture. Vol. 1Ogbalu, F. C. , and E. N. Emenanjo
Igbo Language and Culture. Vol. 2Ogbalu, F.C., and E. N. Emenanjo
School Certificate G.C.E. IgboOgbalu, F. Chidozie
A Complete Course in Igbo GrammarOkonkwo, M. M
Basic Igbo Grammar: A Brief IntroductionOkudiwe, Anizoba U. McOliver (George A. Okiwe)
The Official Igbo Orthography. Onwu Committee
Rules for Igbo Spelling in the Latest Approved OrthographyOruchalu, S. U.
A Descriptive Contrastive Analysis of English and Igbo Verb SystemsOssai-Emeli, Cecilia I.
Eleven Texts for Ibo TapesSangster, Linda
Recommendations of the Standardization Committee: Volume 1Society for Promoting Igbo Language and Culture
Anthropological Report on the Ibo-Speaking Peoples of NigeriaThomas, Northcote W.
Practical Suggestions for the Learning of an African Language in the FieldWard, Ida C.
Igbo: A Learner's ManualWelmers, Beatrice F., and William E. Welmers
African Language StructuresWelmers, William E.
The Derivation of Igbo Verb Bases. " Studies in African Linguistics 1Welmers, William E.
"Igbo Tonology. " Studies in African Linguistics Welmers, William E.
"Noun Modifiers in Igbo. " International Journal of American Linguistics 35,4Welmers, William E., and Beatrice F. Welmers
"Underlying Tone in Margi and Igbo. " Linguistic Inquiry 7Williams, Edwin S.
The wrath of Amadioha Anelechi B. Chukuezi