Definite and Indefinite Articles (a, an, the)

Articles in English are the definite article the and the indefinite articles a and an. There are no Igbo equivalent for the English articles. Therefore, the indefinite articles are omitted in translation. The definite article can either be omitted or can be translated to the demonstratives this or that, depending on proximity (frame of reference). If the item is judged to be in proximity, the is translated as this (a), otherwise it is translated as that (ahụ).

1. He ate the food - O riri nri ahụ
2. The pot is on the stove - Ite nọ n'elu ekwu
3. I ate an orange - Arara m oroma
4. I ate an orange - M rara oroma
5. She bought a goat - O zụrụ ewu
6. The house is big - Ụlọ a buru ibu

The demonstratives in English are this and that. This is a in Igbo. That is ahụ in Igbo. Both are preceded by the nouns and written separately from the nouns (not suffixed to the nouns).

7. Eat this food - Rie nri a
8. Eat that food - Rie nri ahụ
9. I live in this house - Ebi m n'ụlọ a
10. I live in this house - M bi n'ụlọ a
11. He lives in that house - O bi n'ụlọ ahụ